Artist Statement

Rarely do I approach a piece with a preconceived endpoint in mind. To me, art making is a creative practice of exploration and play. I’m committed to carving out space in my life to show up and learn what it has to teach me about myself and my world.

Encaustic is a wonderfully versatile medium. I love the natural beauty of beeswax and the wide range of techniques that work with it. I’m drawn to the way encaustic painting engages my senses—the way that it looks, smells and feels. Encaustic painting is done in layers. It is a process of building up and scraping away to reveal what lies beneath the surface. Each layer of encaustic medium is fused using heat. Working with different fusing tools I can either maintain or eliminate texture.

Often there’s an interesting call and response dynamic between what the wax chooses to do and my intention as I paint.

The Artist: Ruth Maude

Ruth Maude ArtistI’m the artist behind the popular All Things Encaustic blog. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of encaustic materials, techniques and tools and sharing what I’ve learned with other artists. Everything I learn pushes my creative journey in new directions.

Another art blog project of mine is Mark Making Exercises.

I am a web designer/developer and instructor. I teach WordPress workshops in Toronto.

I has exhibited paintings in various galleries and venues in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).