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My Artist Story

Ruth Maude in Toronto art gallery in front of her encaustic abstract painting

I’m living my best life…

I am an artist, blogger, online instructor, and web designer.

I get to let my creativity shine in everything I do!

To me, art-making is a creative practice of exploration and play. I’m committed to carving out space in my life to show up and learn what it has to teach me about myself and my world.

About my art

Encaustic is a wonderfully versatile medium. I love the natural beauty of beeswax and the wide range of techniques that work with it. I’m drawn to the way encaustic painting engages my senses—the way that it looks, smells and feels.

I’m currently working on a series of expressive layered landscape paintings. They all start with an underpainting of playful creativity. I’m exploring the way I see landscape through abstract shapes, lines, textures and colours. These works convey a sense of place while straddling the line between realism and abstraction.

To learn more about encaustic painting, I invite you to visit my blog—allthingsencaustic.com

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