Encaustic Mixed Media Paintings by Ruth Maude

Somewhere in the in-between | Encaustic | 20" x 16" | by Ruth Maude
Somewhere in the in between | Encaustic | 20″ x 16″ | by Ruth Maude

My art is mixed media, encaustic. I paint with molten beeswax pigmented with oil paints.

Encaustic is the name for both a wax painting medium and a painting process that uses heat to apply and fuse the medium.

Encaustic painting dates back thousands of years. The name Encaustic comes from the Greek enkaustikos which literally means “to heat” or “to burn”.  Heat is used at every stage of the encaustic painting process. Pigmented, melted wax is applied, and is then fused with hot tools such as an iron, a blow torch or a heat gun

Encaustic can be smooth as glass or deeply ridged and sculptural.

My current work is imagined landscapes in which I explore the horizon line and texture. And abstract pieces exploring texture and the theme of liminal space.

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